The Opal Apple…or the apple “Opal”

The Opal Apple…or the apple “Opal”

Ok, the title is cheesy…but I couldn’t resist. It noticed it rhymed and I am a sucker for rhymes…what more can I say?

Today I am going to gnosh into another new-to-me variety of apple. As the title implies, it is the “Opal” apple. When I bite into the apple, I notice the skin is a medium thickness (as compared to say a Red Delicious, that typically has very thick

skin) and the meat is dense and crispy. There is some hints of honeysuckle, and other florals that hit my palette straight away. Your jaw gets a bit of a workout chewing this one up, but it’s not horrible.

The apple is sweet, and filling. It’s a little tart. It’s very juicy once you get to chewing, but not when you first bite into it. This is a good   thing for me since I don’t have a napkin around, today.

There’s almost some cherry flavors in the apple. Like a sour cherry. As I work my way in, I realize it seems to get more sour. Maybe this means the sweetness is closest to the skin’s surface.

The core is tiny on this one. It’s about the size of an almond. Just kidding, the apple tricked me. I’ve been had. That was just one “chamber” of the core. So it’s got a normal sized core.

All in all, that was a good piece of fruit. I liked the lady alice better I think…but, they were both tasty.