Escargot from L’es-Car-Go, en Houston!

Escargot from L’es-Car-Go, en Houston!

I’ve always been curious about escargot… from the time I saw it in cartoons as a kid, where the characters acted surprised and disgusted by the idea of eating snails. Although years ago I wasn’t 1/10th the food adventurer I am today (I was in fact, a very picky eater as a child) – in recent years I have become insatiable in my desire to try new and “weird” edibles. Houston has helped me quell some of this hunger…and has also been inspirational in the publishing of

When I saw the vivid green “L’es-Car-Go” truck driving down I-10 on a hot summer day a few months ago, I was instantly intrigued. I knew it was something I had to try. I remembered the name and Googled them later. Their menu was fantastic! It was simple, but delicious sounding. And then I saw it.. the L’es-Car-Go on Slow Dough baguette (Sautéed escargots w/garlic and parsley butter on Slow Dough baguette) – And I dared myself to try it.

The L’es-Car-Go truck is a bit of an enigma.. only appearing twice a week. It’s available on Tuesdays for lunch, and Wednesdays for dinner. Having a busy work schedule and spending each week in a different part of this Metropolis don’t make it convenient for me to always eat wherever I want. I knew one day the stars would align, and L’es-Car-Go and I would finally meet. Yesterday was that day.

I ordered the meal pictured above. It looks very odd, I know.. it sort of reminded me of sauteed mushrooms on a sandwich. Maybe that’s what I told myself as I dove into the crusty, chewy baguette. The escargots were not overwhelming at all. They were very subtle in flavor, actually. There was a meaty, umami flavor. They were a little chewy, but very tender. The melted parsley butter dripped from the bottom of my sandwich with every bite. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The fries were fresh, hot, crispy, and seasoned to perfection. While I won’t order the escargot sandwich the next time I go to le camion verte, I will order it again! In the meantime, I want to sample the rest of the menu.  :)

Merci L’es-Car-Go, tres bien!