Americas – Argentinian/Latin Inspired Excellence

Americas – Argentinian/Latin Inspired Excellence

Americas – Restaurant Weeks 2012

Americas, in River Oaks, begins to display it’s elegance and  personality even before you walk in the door. Once inside, it continues to impress with warm lighting and modern art inspired furniture, with lots of wooden elements.

I was lucky enough to enjoy some of the Restaurant Weeks menu items, from the dinner selections. Namely, lobster corndogs, churrasco, and bread pudding.

Americas photos

The lobster corndogs were fun! They were fried to perfection. Crispy on the outside, and just cooked on the inside…with bits of tender, juicy lobster. The presentation with the wooden cube dog-holder was interesting. I didn’t take pictures of my own for this meal, but fortunately I was able to pull this one off the Americas website.

Next, I had the churrasco. It was, flavor wise, one of the best steaks I believe I have ever eaten. I am glad I ordered it medium-rare, however, because it came out more on the far side of medium. It was still wonderful. The chimichurri seasoning gave it a nice texture, on the outside of each succulent bite. It was accompanied with a small yucca cake, which was sort of like a little fritter. This, with the Bearnaise sauce it was topped with, provided a nice contrast to the flavors of the steak.


Last, but DEFINTELY not least, there is the bread pudding. I am a huge bread pudding fan…so I try to sample as many variants as I can. This bread pudding touted the ingredient of Tequila, so I was immediately game. It was maybe the best bread pudding I’ve ever eaten. The cinnamon ice cream scoop on top was just the right amount of ice cream to go with the serving of pudding.


Americas, I will be back.